Saturday, February 9, 2008

Valentine's Day hint

Valentine's day is soon here - got any plans?

We'll see if my admirer (you know who you are) is ready to make his move.
I don't know if he's shy or not, but I hope he'll give me a card at least.

Hey - no pressure. Just don't forget!

By the way, I like Lindt chocolate if you're not sure what to get.
(The red ones!! mmmmmmmmm)

But I like you too sweetie. Let's have dinner if you're ready to ask me.

Boot shopping!

I've never been a fan of UGG's or other similar style boots. I guess it's coz they're so big and clunky looking. Might as well wrap a couple sheep around my feet...

I was shopping online and looking for some sexy high heel boots and came across that seems to have a wide selection of lots of cool boots.

I thought about the thigh high boots, but I can't figure out where anyone would wear them, besides the bedroom. Seemed wierd. Even though I've seen pics of Jessica Simpson wearing thigh highs in public, I just couldn't see myself doing it! Maybe a sexy knee high boot would be a better choice of me.